Explore the real internet wherever you go! PocketWeb brings the World Wide Web right to your JavaTM enabled mobile phone.

This mini web browser supports:

  • HTML content
  • Images (gif, jpg, and more)
  • News feeds (RSS)
  • HTML Forms
  • http and https URLs
  • Cookies
  • Bookmarks
  • Access your PC bookmarks using SmartBookmarks technology
  • Basic authentication
  • Unicode support for Cyrillic, Japanese, Greek...
  • Save/Load pages
  • Remembers previous form entries
  • Browsing history

PocketWeb's rich options include: Configure font size, turn off images, adjust image color resolution, edit bookmarks, turn off cookies, view or delete cookies, adjust cache size, and much more.

PocketWeb minimizes data traffic. Only data that can be displayed on your phone is really loaded: images are scaled to your device's screen size before downloading. HTML code is optimized and compressed before downloading, resulting in up to 70% smaller file sizes. Moreover, pages are downloaded incrementally in smaller pieces, so you can decide after the first piece whether you like to load the rest.

These features are realized using a proxy server which preprocesses all content before sending it to the phone. This way, connection fees are much lower compared to other stand-alone WAP, HTML, or RSS readers.